Social Studies Mini Mock Exam (Objective Test)


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Basic Education Certificate Examination

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Social Studies

Paper 1  –  Objective Test

Time:  10 minutes

1. Political stability in a country can be promoted by

A. national health insurance
B. free basic education
C. rule of law
D. financial independence

2. Which of the following persons is legally recognized to enjoy political rights in Ghana?

A. comrade
B. citizen
C. political scientist
D. political party member

3. The innermost part of the earth is called

A. atmosphere
B. core
C. mantle
D. crust

4. The Parliament of Ghana

A. makes laws
B. ensures order in the society
C. judges civil cases
D. interprets the constitution

5. Which of the following best describes the environment?

A. vegetation and the atmosphere
B. all plants and animals
C. man and his surroundings
D. rivers, mountains and vegetation

6. The scale of a map is 1 : 40,000. Find the actual distance of a 6 cm line on the map.

A. 0.024 km
B. 0.24 km
C. 2.4 km
D. 24 km

7. Chocolate production is classified as

A. cottage industry
B. primary industry
C. secondary industry
D. tertiary industry

8. A main benefit that Ghana gains from tourism is that it

A. improves the health sector
B. encourages civic education
C. facilitates the evolution of new species
D. promotes environmental preservation

9. Which of the following situations is most likely to create instability in the Ghanaian society?

A. Denial of justice
B. Gender equality
C. Enforcement of laws
D. Free and fair elections

10. One feature of a good map is the presence of

A. colours
B. text
C. lines
D.  a key


1.   C.   rule of law
2.   B.   citizen
3.   B.   core
4.   A.   makes laws
5.   C.   man and his surroundings
6.   C.   2.4 km
7.   C.   secondary industry
8.   D.   promotes environmental preservation
9.   A.   Denial of justic
10.   D.   a key

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Social Studies Mini Mock Exam (Objective Test)
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