2014 BECE Religious & Moral Educ. Paper 2 – Essay

This paper consists of three sections: A, B and C.

Answer three questions only, choosing one question from each section.


Answer one question only from this section

1. (a) Describe the call of Moses by God.    [14 marks]

(b) What three lessons can be learnt from the life of Moses?            [6 marks]

2. (a) Explain the following types of prayer in Islam:

  • Jumu’ah [3 marks]
  • Tarawih [3 marks]
  • Tahajjud [3 marks]
  • Janazah [3 marks]

(b)   State four things that spoil Wudu.     [8 marks]

3. (a)  Explain four features of traditional religious homes.        [12 marks]

(b)   State four benefits that can be derived from interacting with members of other religions.                                                                                  [8 marks]


Answer one question only from this section

4. (a) Explain four ways by which people can comport themselves.                                   [12 marks]

(b) State four reasons why you should comport yourself.                [8 marks]

5. (a) Describe four processes involved in showing repentance.         [10 marks]

(b)        Outline four reasons for showing regret for one’s wrong deeds.                              [10 marks]

6. (a) State three main reasons each why rules and regulations are useful

  • at home [6 marks]
  • in the community. [6 marks]

(b)  Outline four benefits of taking instructions from elders.                       [8 marks]


Answer one question only from this section

7. (a)  List four factors that promote good family relationship                                            [8 marks]

(b)  Explain four benefits of healthy relationship among family members.                      [12 marks]

8. (a) Outline four reasons why naming ceremony is important in your community.       [12 marks]

(b) State four factors to be considered when choosing a name for a child.                [8 marks]

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2014 BECE Religious & Moral Educ. Paper 2 – Essay
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