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Information and Communication Technology 1
Paper 1 – Objective Test
Time: 20 minutes

1. The legal right that does not allow people to copy intellectual property without the permission of the original owner is called

A. lethal right
B. selling right
C. publishing right
D. copyright

2. Which of the following command buttons is found on the standard toolbar?

A. Undo
B. Bullets
C. Italic
D. Underline

3. Which of the following devices will enable users to get access to the internet?

A. Printer
B. Router
C. scanner
D. Mouse

4. Facts that are fed into a computer for processing is called

A. megabyte
B. information
C. data
D. output

5. An example of a program on the computer which enables users to perform calculations is

A. word processor
B. number processor
C. application
D. spreadsheet

6. Unsolicited messages sent over the internet usually to a large number of people for advertising or phishing purposes is termed

A. trash
B. spam
C. adware
D. social media

7. Which of the following is a safety measure to consider in the ICT environment?

A. Overloading a socket
B. Sitting behind a computer for prolonged periods
C. Placing a cup of water by the computer
D. Turning off the power supply after shutting down the computer.

8. The most appropriate finger required to type the letter H on a standard QWERTY computer keyboard is the

A. left middle finger
B. right middle finger
C. left index finger
D. right index finger

9. A computer program that enables a user to surf the internet is a

A. website
B. router
C. browser
D. search engine

10. HTML as used in computing stands for

A. Hypertext Markup Language
B. Hypertext Marketing Language
C. Hyper Transfer Multimedia Language
D. Hyper Transmission Media Language

11. The following are features on the graphical user interface except

A. toolbar
B. command line
C. window
D. icon

12. The function keys on the computer keyboard are used for

A. typing letters
B. typing numbers
C. issuing commands
D. drawing shapes

13. The insertion point is a symbol on the screen that indicates

A. the position of the taskbar
B. how shapes can be drawn
C. when to start typing
D. where the next character typed will appear

14. The process of producing a hardcopy of information stored on a computer is termed

A. copying
B. pasting
C. photocopying
D. printing

15. To delete characters at the left hand side of the cursor, use the

A. enter key
B. delete key
C. backspace key
D. function key

16. Mathematical calculations in a spreadsheet application are called

A. labels
B. formulae
C. numbers
D. values

17. The part of the computer that stores data that is currently being used is known as


18. Which of the following is a problem to computer users as a result of wrong sitting posture?

A. Dizziness
B. Back pains
C. Eye irritation
D. Loss of grip strength

19. The keyboard combination Ctrl+P is used as a shortcut for

A. copying
B. pasting
C. publishing
D. printing

20. Which of the following devices has the smallest storage capacity?

A. flash memory
B. hard disk
C. floppy disk
D. compact disc

End of Objective Test

Answers to ICT Objective Test Mini Mock Exam 1

1. D. copyright
2. A. undo
3. B. Router
4. C. data
5. D. spreadsheet
6. B. spam
7. D. Turning off the power supply after shutting down the computer
8. D. right index finger
9. C. browser
10. A. Hypertext Markup Language
11. B. command line
12. C. issuing commands
13. D. where the next character typed will appear
14. D. printing
15. C. backspace key
16. B. formulae
17. A. RAM
18. B. Back pains
19. D. printing
20. C. floppy disk

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ICT Mini Mock Examination 1 (Objective Test)
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