How to buy (Ghana)


(1) Call / text 0243 244 226 or 0502 858 791 (to notify us of your download(s) and payment option).

(2) Make payment (via mobile money / bank deposit) into any of the given account numbers and call / text to confirm.

(3) Receive the passwords to the documents (via SMS / WhatsApp/ email) within 10 minutes of your payment.

(4) Copy and paste (or type in) the passwords to open the documents.

We recommend that you download our FREE sample files (BECE 2014 set) for your inspection before you buy.

You may also contact us to request a physical meeting with us to complete your purchase and receive your passwords.

Customers in Nigeria,, The Gambia, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Guyana, USA, UK, Canada etc can buy our products with PayPal or credit cards.Interested schools, teachers, parents, guardians and students in countries other than Ghana can buy our files using PayPal or debit/ credit card.

How to buy (Ghana)
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15 Replies to “How to buy (Ghana)”

    1. Hello Nana,
      It depends on which set of questions you want.
      But if you mean the set of all available subjects for all years, then it costs GHS 190 (for PDF) or GHS 380 (for Word).
      Hope that helps.
      If you have further questions, feel free to call / WhatsApp 0243244226 / 0502858791 or email

    1. Hello Joshua,
      Are you a student then? If yes, then just inform your parents / guardians to buy the files you want for you. Ask them to visit this same page first.
      If you are a guardian, then you may download the entire 2014 set for free for now, and perhaps buy the other files later when you are in a better position to.
      Wishing you God’s favour!
      Thank you.

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