Home Economics Mini Mock 1 (Essay Test)


Mini Mock Examination Series


Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE)

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(Home Economics 2)

Paper 2 – Essay

Section A  (Core Skills)

Time: 40 minutes

  1.     (a)      (i) Define an exhibition  

(ii)      List three reasons why artwork exhibitions are held.

(b)     Identify the following geometrical shapes


(c)   State one use each of the following instruments.
(i)     Protractor
(ii)    Tee square
(iii)   A pair of compasses

Section B

Answer two questions

2.    (a)    Write one importance each of the following nutrients:

(i) vitamins 

(ii) protein  

(iii) carbohydrates  

(b)   Under each of the following, list three sources from which we obtain protein:

(i) animal; 

(ii) vegetable 

(c)      List five ingredients Kofi needs to prepare chicken stew.

3.  (a)    There are different types of fabric that can be used for making garments. List four of them.

(b) Fati needs to sew a shirt for Tijani. List two reasons why she must take Tijani’s body measurement.

(c) Write three ways by which she will ensure accurate body measurement.

End of Essay Test


1. (a) (i) A public display of goods and services.

To sell the artworks
To explain/demonstrate artworks to clients.
To advertise the artworks
To promote the artwork
To receive feedback (observations from clients) on ones artworks.
To establish contacts with potential buyers and/or investors

(i) triangular prism

(ii) square pyramid / square-based pyramid

(iii) pentagonal prism

(i) to measure angles
(ii) to draw horizontal lines
(iii) to draw circles / arcs

(i) vitamins
For regulating body processes
OR For protection against diseases

(ii) protein
 For body-building
 For repair of worn-out tissues
 For maintenance of the body

(iii) For provision of energy / heat

(i) animal
 Meat (beef, mutton, veal, pork, poulty, etc),
 fish,
 snails,
 milk,
 cheese,
 egg,
 wagashi

(ii) vegetable
 soyabeans,
 cowpeas,
 tofu,
 neri,
 melon seeds,
 agushie,
 groundnuts,
 soya milk,
 dawadawa

 Chicken
 Onion
 Tomatoes
 Salt
 Cooking oil
 Stock cube
 Pepper
 Ginger
 Garlic

  • 3.  (a)
    Cotton, etc

for the shirt to fit well on his body
to avoid waste of fabric
to save time
to sew the shirt accurately

Ensure correct posture of wearer
The wearer must be in close-fitting clothes
Use a tape measure that has clear markings and does not stretch
The tape measure must be firmly in place for accurate measurements
Record each measurement as soon as it is taken

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Home Economics Mini Mock 1 (Essay Test)
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