2014 BECE Social Studies Q.1-15

1. Some Ghanaians mishandle the Cedi Notes by

A. burning it
B. crumpling it
C. saving it
D. spending it

2. A major way of spreading HIV and AIDS is through

A. eating in public places
B. indiscriminate sexual relations
C. mosquito bites
D. shaking hands with infected persons.

3. Adolescent abstinence from sexual related activity is

A. chastity
B. health
C. paternity
D. sincerity

4. The set of guidelines for governing a nation is provided by the

A. constitution
B. council of state
C. judiciary
D. legislature

5. What a person is obliged to perform as a duty in the society constitutes his / her

A. achievements
B. dignity
C. responsibility
D. rights

6. The physical environment of Ghana can be protected through

A. drying industrial waste
B. practicing traditional farming
C. redirecting river channels
D. recycling of waste materials

7. Promoting national unity in Ghana greatly depends on

A. kindness
B. politics
C. religion
D. tolerance

8. The most effective measure for reducing the rapid population growth in Ghana is promoting

A. adolescent counseling
B. women empowerment
C. gender equality
D. girl-child education

9. Which of the following situations is an effect of rapid population growth in Ghana?

A. Decrease in food production
B. High dependency burden
C. High standard of living
D. Low productivity

10. Pressure on social facilities in urban areas is mainly created by

A. decrease in imported goods
B. high cost of living
C. rural-urban drift
D. urban-rural drift

11. Community conflicts are best settled through

A. arbitration and reconciliation
B. court ruling
C. government intervention
D. police action

12. Which of the following conditions is an effect of ethnic conflicts?

A. Decrease in government expenditure
B. Frequent interruption of electricity supply
C. Interruption of development projects
D. Overdependence on foreign goods

13. Government policies are implemented at the District levels by the

A. Chief Executive
B. Co-ordinating Director
C. Presiding Member
D. Regional Minister

14. Maintenance of law and order in the country is the main function of the

A. airforce
B. army
C. navy
D. police

15. The highest authority in the traditional area is the

A. clan head
B. divisional chiefs
C. lineage head
D. paramount chief


1.  B. crumpling it
2.  B. indiscriminate sexual relations
3.  A. chastity
4.  A. constitution
5.  C. responsibility
6.  D. recycling of waste materials
7.  D. tolerance
8.  D. girl-child education
9.  B. high dependency burden
10.  C. rural-urban drift
11.  A. arbitration and reconciliation
12.  C. Interruption of developmental projects
13.  A. Chief executive
14.  D. police
15.  D. paramount chief
16.  D. Rule of law
17.  C. One party system

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2014 BECE Social Studies Q.1-15
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2014 BECE Religious & Moral Educ. Paper 2 – Essay

This paper consists of three sections: A, B and C.

Answer three questions only, choosing one question from each section.


Answer one question only from this section

1. (a) Describe the call of Moses by God.    [14 marks]

(b) What three lessons can be learnt from the life of Moses?            [6 marks]

2. (a) Explain the following types of prayer in Islam:

  • Jumu’ah [3 marks]
  • Tarawih [3 marks]
  • Tahajjud [3 marks]
  • Janazah [3 marks]

(b)   State four things that spoil Wudu.     [8 marks]

3. (a)  Explain four features of traditional religious homes.        [12 marks]

(b)   State four benefits that can be derived from interacting with members of other religions.                                                                                  [8 marks]


Answer one question only from this section

4. (a) Explain four ways by which people can comport themselves.                                   [12 marks]

(b) State four reasons why you should comport yourself.                [8 marks]

5. (a) Describe four processes involved in showing repentance.         [10 marks]

(b)        Outline four reasons for showing regret for one’s wrong deeds.                              [10 marks]

6. (a) State three main reasons each why rules and regulations are useful

  • at home [6 marks]
  • in the community. [6 marks]

(b)  Outline four benefits of taking instructions from elders.                       [8 marks]


Answer one question only from this section

7. (a)  List four factors that promote good family relationship                                            [8 marks]

(b)  Explain four benefits of healthy relationship among family members.                      [12 marks]

8. (a) Outline four reasons why naming ceremony is important in your community.       [12 marks]

(b) State four factors to be considered when choosing a name for a child.                [8 marks]

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2014 BECE Religious & Moral Educ. Paper 2 – Essay
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2014 BECE English Language Sections C & D


In each of the following sentences a group of words has been underlined. Choose from the alternatives lettered A to D the one that best explains the underlined group of words.

23. The student was caught red-handed breaking the louvers. This means that the student was caught

A. while committing the offence
B. with blood on his hands
C. before the act
D. after the act

24. We knew it was a cock and bull story. This means that the story was

A. difficult to believe
B. about a cock and a bull
C. real
D. false

25. The thieves were armed to the teeth when they entered the house. This means that the thieves were

A. well trained
B. experienced
C. fully armed
D. violent

26. Mr. Abban instructed his wife to keep an eye on their daughter. This means that their daughter should be

A. pampered
B. disciplined
C. controlled properly
D. watched closely

27. The president hit the nail on the head when he complained that most of the ministers were corrupt.

A. the exact truth
B. in detail
C. harshly
D. clearly


23.   A.  while committing the offence
24.   A.  false
25.   C.  fully armed
26.   D.  watched closely
27.   A.  the exact truth


From the list of words lettered A to D, choose the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word underlined in each sentence.

28. The man was disgraced in public.

A. respected
B. honoured
C. welcomed
D. accepted

29. Akosua accepted the offer.

A. disliked
B. declined
C. withdrew
D. ignored

30. Food is abundant in the rural areas.

A. scarce
B. less
C. few
D. cheap

31. Doctors have withdrawn their services.

A. hidden
B. registered
C. offered
D. displayed

32. By our constitution, it is obligatory to vote.

A. good
B. necessary
C. optional
D. right


28.   B.  honoured
29.   B.  declined
30.   A.  scarce
31.   C.  offered
32.   C.  optional

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2014 BECE English Language Sections C & D
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