2018 BECE Social Studies Q.1-20

1. A common feature of people associated with the same ethnic group in Ghana is

A. name
B. occupation
C. clothes
D. language

2. The main benefit of tourism to Ghana is

A. political stability
B. inter-tribal marriage
C. foreign exchange
D. cultural change

3. The physical environment of Ghana can be protected through

A. recycling of waste materials
B. re-directing river channels
C. practising traditional farming
D. burning of industrial waste

4. When two air masses of different temperatures meet, the result is,

A. thunder and lightning
B. rain shadow zone
C. cyclonic rainfall
D. relief rainfall

5. Where did the Akans first settle during their migration?

A. Dormaa Ahenkro
B. Bono Manso
C. Denkyira
D. Asante Manso

6. The period which marks the beginning and the end of adolescence is

A. 12 – 19 years
B. 10 – 19 years
C. 10 – 14 years
D. 15 – 19 years

7. The social environment include

A. festivals, political parties and religious groups
B. festivals, churches and tourist sites
C. settlements, churches and rivers
D. settlements, festivals and political parties

8. An effect of land degradation is

A. bad farming practices
B. excessive quarrying
C. improper layouts
D. loss of soil fertility

9. An advantage of chastity to the adolescent is

A. avoiding contracting typhoid fever
B. gaining approval from adults
C. knowing blood group easily
D. getting the best school to attend

10. People who visit places of interest to enjoy the facilities are called

A. experts
B. travellers
C. tourists
D. socialites

11. The principle of separation of powers ensures that

A. political parties do not work together
B. the police and military do not work together
C. the president appoints different ministers
D. various organs of government work independently

12. A representation of the earth’s surface not drawn to scale is known as

A. map
B. plan
C. sketch
D. globe

13. The right to enjoy social amenities goes together with the responsibility of

A. attending communal labour
B. offering voluntary service
C. paying of taxes regularly
D. attending political meetings

14. The best way to settle disputes is through the

A. Electoral Commission
B. District Assembly
C. parliamentary committee
D. court system

15. State-owned enterprises provide

A. foreign exchange
B. unemployment
C. public service
D. insurance

16. A major reason for developing a good layout settlement is to reduce

A. free movement and ethnic conflicts
B. overcrowding and criminal activities
C. rural-urban migration and street hawking
D. truancy and illiteracy rate

17. If the scale of a map is 1 : 50,000 and the distance between two points on the map is 10 cm, what is the actual distance on the ground?

A. 2.5 km
B. 5.0 km
C. 10.0 km
D. 20.0 km

18. For a society to develop faster, there is the need for

A. progressive changes in its culture
B. indiscriminate exploitations
C. increase in population
D. decline in good health

19. Productivity increase in Ghana can be achieved through

A. showcasing Ghana’s rich culture
B. frequent absence from work
C. application of modern technology
D. lack of supervision

20. Conflicts that destroy lives and property must be prevented by

A. security agents
B. all citizens
C. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
D. National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO)

2018 BECE Social Studies Q.1-20
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