2018 BECE RME Questions 1-20

1. The power of God is seen in His

A. omniscience
B. omnipotence
C. omnipresence
D. omnivorous

2. According to the Bible, God commanded the earth to produce plants on the

A. first day
B. third day
C. fifth day
D. sixth day

3. Which of the following options is not a reason for which we must care for God’s creation?

A. It makes us righteous people
B. To show respect for God’s gift of nature
C. To preserve it for future generation
D. We are stewards of God’s creation

4. Sadique in Islam means

A. courageous
B. patience
C. righteous
D. truthful

5. The holy pilgrimage to Makkah by Muslims is known as

A. Hajj
B. Ijma
C. Ru’ya
D. Salat

6. The first Muezzin was

A. Ali
B. Bilal
C. Ibrahim
D. Musah

7. Moses led the Israelites through the wilderness for

A. forty months
B. forty years
C. fifty months
D. fifty years

8. Egya Ahor is fondly remembered by the Fante for

A. commanding the Golden Stool
B. his miraculous powers
C. his resurrection from death
D. saving his people

9. The parable of Jesus that teaches forgiveness is the

A. unjust steward
B. rich fool
C. Good Samaritan
D. Prodigal Son

10. Which of the following celebrations signifies the salvation of all Christians?

A. Christmas
B. Easter
C. Palm Sunday
D. Pentecost

11. The food offered the ancestors during the Adae festival is meant to

A. drive witches away from the society
B. bring development to the state
C. secure protection for the chief
D. unite the living with the dead

12. It is our responsibility to prevent the spread of cholera by

A. eating a balance diet
B. keeping our surroundings clean
C. taking good care of our bodies
D. immunizing against the six killer diseases

13. Both Islamic and Traditional religions accept

A. polyandry
B. polygamy
C. the use of incense
D. the five daily prayers

14. The growth of hairs in the armpit is a sign of

A. motherhood
B. pregnancy
C. puberty
D. respect

15. On what occasion do Muslims perform the Janazah prayer?

A. After observing fast
B. Before a Muslim travels
C. During Friday worship
D. When a Muslim dies

16. Which traditional prayer is offered when a vow or a pledge is fulfilled?

A. Intercessory
B. Supplication
C. Thanksgiving
D. Votive

17. Which Islamic prayer is observed at sunset?

A. Isha
B. Janazeh
C. Maghrib
D. Tarawib

18. The act of going round the Ka’bah seven times during Hajj teaches

A. bravery
B. endurance
C. fairness
D. tolerance

19. The Eucharist in Christian worship refers to

A. prayer of thanksgiving
B. preaching of sermon
C. payment of tithe
D. the Holy Communion

20. An individual who is respectful and polite is said to be

A. chaste
B. courteous
C. kind
D. moral

2018 BECE RME Questions 1-20
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