2017 Pre-Technical Skills – Essay Test (Q.4)

Trial Test

20 minutes

4. (a)

(i) Make a freehand pictorial sketch of a ball-pein hammer.

(ii) Label any two parts of the ball-pein hammer sketched in question 4(a)(i).

(iii) State one use of the ball-pein hammer.

(b) Copy and complete the table below

(i)  Mahogany  
(ii)  Nylon  
(iii)  Clay  

(c) (i) List two tools used for riveting metal pieces.

(ii) State two safety precautions to be observed when building a wall.

(iii) List two types of chisels used in wood work.


(a)     bece pre-tech skills, ball pein hammer

(ii) (State any two of the following)
 handle / shaft
 striking face
 eye / wedge
 ball pein
 head

(iii) (State any one of the following)

 Used for riveting / shaping
 Used for driving nails / pins


(i)  MahoganyPanelling; making plywood; making furnitureHard; durable; mixed grain/ interlock grain; brownish/ brownish-red / red
(ii) NylonClothing, carpets, comb, brushes, gears, plugHard; resistance to wear
(iii) ClayCeramic wares; bricks; tiles; oven; water cooler; pots; mugs; bowls earthen wareSticky when wet; hard when dry; dense; can hold water; prone to cracks

(c) (i) (State any two of the following)
 ball-pein hammer
 vice
 dolly
 rivet set

(ii) (State any two of the following)
 Wearing of helmet
 Wearing safety boot
 Wearing of overall / overcoat

(iii) (State any two of the following)
 Firmer chisel
 Mortise chisel
 Bevel edge chisel

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2017 Pre-Technical Skills – Essay Test (Q.4)
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