2017 Integrated Science – Objective Test (Q.21-30)

21. Which of the following particles constitute matter?

I. Atoms
II. Molecules
III. Ions

A. I only
B. II only
C. II and III only
D. I, II and III

22. An example of inheritable characteristics in humans is

A. shape of nose.
B. knowledge.
C. ability to speak different languages.
D. handwriting.

23. Which of the following statements about aerobic respiration is correct?

A. The by-products are carbon dioxide and water.
B. Little amount of energy is produced.
C. Oxygen is not required.
D. The by-products are alcohol and carbon dioxide.

24. Sperms produced by the testes in humans are temporarily stored in the

A. epididymis.
B. prostate gland.
C. seminal vesicle.
D. sperm duct.

25. Which of the following changes normally occur during old age in humans?

A. Grey hair starts appearing
B. Mental alertness increases
C. Broadening of the chest
D. Attraction to the opposite sex

26. One of the characteristics of wind pollinated flowers is that they

A. are large and conspicuous.
B. are usually scented.
C. have nectar.
D. have feathery stigma.

27. The testes is normally located outside the body of the male because

A. the temperature of the body is too high for effective sperm production.
B. it cannot increase in size when it is in the body.
C. it can absorb moisture from the atmosphere.
D. it occupies too much space.

28. The organelle which occupies the largest portion of a plant cell is the

A. chloroplast.
B. mitochondrion.
C. nucleus.
D. vacuole.

29. Movement of the ribs is brought about by the

A. pleural cavity.
B. intercostal muscle.
C. larynx.
D. trachea.

30. Fertilisation in humans usually occurs in the

A. ovary.
B. uterus.
C. vagina.
D. fallopian tube.


21.   D.   I, II and III
22.   A.   shape of nose
23.   A.   The by-products are carbon dioxide and water
24.   A.   epididymis
25.   A.   Grey hair starts appearing
26.   D.   have feathery stigma
27.   A.   the temperature of the body is too high for effective sperm production
28.   D.   vacuole
29.   B.   intercostal muscle
30.   D.   fallopian tube

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2017 Integrated Science – Objective Test (Q.21-30)
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