2015 BECE Social Studies Q.1-15

1. Which of the following features is not part of the physical environment?

A. Air
B. Buildings
C. Music
D. Rivers

2. A good social environment can be promoted through

A. bravery
B. competition
C. individualism
D. tolerance

3. Adolescence is a period of transition from

A. childhood to adulthood
B. childhood to oldage
C. infancy to adulthood
D. infancy to childhood

4. Adolescent chastity is important because it prevents

A. contraction of HIV and AIDS
B. frequent malaria among the youth
C. peer pressure among the youth
D. the occurrence of broken home

5. Adopting a foreign way of life in one’s native country implies

A. cultural assimilation
B. foreign domination
C. parallel culture
D. rapid modernization

6. Trokosi and female genital mutilation are cultural practices that must be abolished because

A. some people become rich through their performance
B. the police dislike them
C. they are against the rights of the victim
D. they are practised all over the country

7. The four cardinal points are

A. East, South-West, North, West.
B. North, South, North-East, South-West
C. North, South, East, West
D. West, South-East, North-East, South

8. The ratio between distance measured on a map and the actual distance on the ground is

A. a sketch
B. a statement
C. layout
D. scale

9. If the scale of a map is 1:10,000 and the distance on the map is 20 cm, then the actual distance on the ground is

A. 0.2 km
B. 2 km
C. 20 km
D. 20,000 km

10. The crop types which grow well in the Guinea Savanna are

A. cocoa and rice
B. millet and groundnut
C. plantain and cola
D. shallots and cassava

11. The mangrove swamps in Ghana are found mainly in the

A. Afram plains
B. coastal areas
C. highland areas
D. Oti basin

12. The integrity of the nation can be defended by

A. cleaning the environment
B. educating the youth
C. encouraging immigration
D. reporting saboteurs

13. A hill with a steep slope on one side and a gentle slope on the other side is

A. a ridge
B. a knoll
C. a plateau
D. an escarpment

14. The moon is a satellite of the

A. Earth
B. Jupiter
C. Mars
D. Mercury

15. Relief rainfall is experienced in

A. equatorial forest areas
B. guinea savanna areas
C. highland areas
D. lowland areas


1.   C. Music
2.   D. tolerance
3.   A. childhood to adulthood
4.   A. contraction of HIV and AIDS
5.   A. cultural assimilation
6.   C. they are against the rights of the victim
7.   C. North, South, East, West
8.   D. scale
9.   B. 2 km
10.   B. millet and groundnut
11.   B. coastal areas
12.   D. reporting saboteurs
13.   D. an escarpment
14.   A. Earth
15.   C. highland areas

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2015 BECE Social Studies Q.1-15
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