2014 BECE English Language Sections C & D


In each of the following sentences a group of words has been underlined. Choose from the alternatives lettered A to D the one that best explains the underlined group of words.

23. The student was caught red-handed breaking the louvers. This means that the student was caught

A. while committing the offence
B. with blood on his hands
C. before the act
D. after the act

24. We knew it was a cock and bull story. This means that the story was

A. difficult to believe
B. about a cock and a bull
C. real
D. false

25. The thieves were armed to the teeth when they entered the house. This means that the thieves were

A. well trained
B. experienced
C. fully armed
D. violent

26. Mr. Abban instructed his wife to keep an eye on their daughter. This means that their daughter should be

A. pampered
B. disciplined
C. controlled properly
D. watched closely

27. The president hit the nail on the head when he complained that most of the ministers were corrupt.

A. the exact truth
B. in detail
C. harshly
D. clearly


23.   A.  while committing the offence
24.   A.  false
25.   C.  fully armed
26.   D.  watched closely
27.   A.  the exact truth


From the list of words lettered A to D, choose the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word underlined in each sentence.

28. The man was disgraced in public.

A. respected
B. honoured
C. welcomed
D. accepted

29. Akosua accepted the offer.

A. disliked
B. declined
C. withdrew
D. ignored

30. Food is abundant in the rural areas.

A. scarce
B. less
C. few
D. cheap

31. Doctors have withdrawn their services.

A. hidden
B. registered
C. offered
D. displayed

32. By our constitution, it is obligatory to vote.

A. good
B. necessary
C. optional
D. right


28.   B.  honoured
29.   B.  declined
30.   A.  scarce
31.   C.  offered
32.   C.  optional

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2014 BECE English Language Sections C & D
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2 Replies to “2014 BECE English Language Sections C & D”

  1. please here are my answers;

    23 the answers is A
    24 the answer is B
    25, the answer is C
    26 the answers is D
    27 the answers is A

    1. Abena, the correct answers are as follows:
      23. A. while committing the offence
      24. D. false
      25. C. fully armed
      26. D. watched closely
      27. A. the exact truth

      So you had 23, 25, 26, 27 correct! That’s 4/5. Very good!

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